happy sunday morning ! i woke up this morning to one of my fellow house mates telling me i needed to get up at 5:30 am and fry chicken .. everyday is something new .  truly never a dull moment . i went back to bed .  that's not my job .  mental health and... Continue Reading →


2. twenty4. 8teen

if you haven't seen it already you should really watch Demi Lovato's Simply Complicated .. Check it out here . It is truly a beautiful documentary on her life, passion, love & struggles . It gives light to how wrong the stigma on addiction really is, how you cannot pinpoint your "typical" addict , how... Continue Reading →

healthy , happy & hopeful .


02 . 18 . 2018 🏳

addiction . feared . often misunderstood . embraced with pride by many . non-discriminatory . hard to accept . definately not the means to an end . as real as it gets . when people hear that word i find many don't know what to do with it . the common denominator is , though... Continue Reading →


coming back

you know , through the pain is where i've gotten to know myself best . i'm an intelligent individual that can retain information but can't properly use it when necessary . i also learned that being overwhelmed when i get clean because i want to accomplish everything in one day is a problem . slow... Continue Reading →


trust 🚮

so , i'm convinced there's an invisible string attached to me that drags around a bunch of bullshit i can't seem to grt rid of . have you ever been hurt so many times you feel trust is just downright impossible ? well , that's how i feel right now . i believe trust is... Continue Reading →


01.04.18 🎉🎊☃🎈

it's really 2018 . i made it through another long fuckin' year . i can't say i'm glad it's over but i really can't say that i would repeat it either . between break-ups , temporary love interests , recovery & relapse and life on its own terms , i'm exhausted .. and ready for... Continue Reading →



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